HITRUST Compliance Services

You’ve seen the statistics and know that healthcare cybersecurity attacks are happening in record numbers and, understandably, patients are increasingly anxious about health data security.

Now you’ve been told by one of your most valued clients that you have to become HITRUST certified, but you don’t know what that means or how it’s going to affect your business. This is uncharted territory for you, and you’ve heard it’s a daunting task.

What if Sword & Shield’s healthcare security experts told you we can make your HITRUST certification process easier and more positive?

It’s true: From getting started to achieving HITRUST certification, Sword & Shield can help.

What is HITRUST?

The Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) is a United States company that has partnered with leaders in the healthcare, technology, and information security sectors to form the HITRUST Alliance.  It is governed by an Executive Council made up of members of organizations from across these industries and its primary purpose is to promote and maintain the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF).

What is the HITRUST CSF?

The HITRUST CSF is a set of security controls designed to help organizations that work with sensitive healthcare data to become more secure.  The HITRUST certification is designed to cover the security requirements set forth by all healthcare-related regulations. This collection of security controls outlines the necessary steps for an organization to be compliant with frameworks, standards, and regulations in the healthcare sector.

The HITRUST CSF is a certifiable framework, meaning that organizations can request an independent assessment of their security controls and receive a certification stating that they meet the security requirements mandated by the HITRUST CSF.  Performing HITRUST certifications is limited to organizations approved by HITRUST.

Who Needs HITRUST?

The HITRUST CSF is targeted toward organizations of all sizes that “create, access, store, or exchange Protected Health Information (PHI)”.  Due to the high level of sensitivity of PHI, numerous state, federal and international standards and regulations have been developed to control how PHI can be processed, stored or communicated.

How to Become HITRUST Certified

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security partners with you to remove the mystery and uncertainty surrounding HITRUST to make compliance less “painful.” Our certified HITRUST practitioners show you how to make this a useful and productive tool for your path to HIPAA compliance.

Sword & Shield is one of a select number of HITRUST-authorized Common Security Framework (CSF) assessors, and one of only a few CSF assessors whose organization focuses on information security and compliance.

We supplement your staff with our team of certified professionals to provide the following HITRUST compliance services:

  1. Help you select and purchase the HITRUST portal.
  2. Help you accurately scope the relevant controls specific to your environment.
  3. Either:
    1. Perform an assisted self-assessment in which we help you populate the portal and validate your entries, or
    2. Validate your entries after you populate the portal.

The result is HITRUST certification.

Our certified HITRUST assessors take the burden off you and your staff by taking a comprehensive, flexible, and consistent approach to regulatory healthcare compliance and risk management.

Value to Your Business

Sword & Shield’s more than 20 years as security and compliance experts empowers us to do the following for our clients:

  • Provide insight into what you can expect throughout the HITRUST validation and certification process.
  • Simplify your HITRUST experience.
  • Incorporate existing recognized security and compliance frameworks such as HIPAA, NIST, ISO, and PCI.
  • Assess how your controls program is or is not meeting requirements and help you provide a clear and actionable plan to fulfill them.
  • Remove a considerable amount of burden from your staff, allowing them to concentrate on their jobs.

HITRUST, GDPR and New York State Cybersecurity Requirements

In March of 2018, HITRUST released version 9.1 of the HITRUST CSF. This version incorporates both GDPR and New York State Cybersecurity Requirements (NYDSF) compliance frameworks in an ongoing effort to make HITRUST more open and comprehensive.

As a full-service information security and compliance consultancy, Sword & Shield has teams of experts who specialize in HITRUST, HIPAAGDPRNYDSF, NIST and other compliance frameworks working together under one roof. This range of compliance expertise streamlines your experience, saves you time and money, and provides consistency of quality.