Incident ResponseIncident Response Program Development

Incident Response Program Development

Worry-Free Incident Response Planning

Sword & Shield specializes in information security and regulatory compliance. Our certified consultants are experienced professionals, and our comprehensive portfolio of security services allows us to be your single stop consulting partner.

Responding to an unplanned security incident can mean the difference between your organization surviving relatively unscathed, or suffering severe monetary and reputational losses.

The ideal solution is prevention. However, if and when an incident occurs, it is imperative to be ready to address the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Sword & Shield partners with you through our Incident Response Program Development service to provide you with peace of mind in knowing you have a plan to deal with unexpected security incidents. Our experienced professionals take the burden of preparation off you, and make a complex undertaking simple. The result is a customized, current, and actionable plan you know you can trust.

Incident Response Service Package: What’s Included

Sword & Shield’s IR Program Development annual service package includes the following:

  • Incident response plan development.
  • Incident response policy development.
  • Incident response breach notification procedures (If applicable based on industry requirements).
  • Semi-annual facilitated incident response scenario-based table top exercises design specifically for your environment.
  • Executive summary of table top exercises with maturity-based scoring.
  • Incident response training.
  • Risk profile assessment and report.
  • Incident Response Retainer in increments of 10 hours for services including forensics, eDiscovery, root cause analysis, and other related services.

Incident response planning doesn’t have to be hard. We make it easy for you.

Subscription-Based Tiered Pricing

Sword & Shield offers annual subscription-based tiered pricing for incident response program development to insure we can assist organizations of all shapes and sizes. This makes incidence response services and security consulting costs predictable and easier to budget.

Prepare and Plan for Security Incidents

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