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Managed Security Service Providers

Cybersecurity threats and breaches are up from, and cyber criminals’ efforts are more costly than the year before. This makes strategic and widely-adopted cybersecurity risk management essential.

Managed security service providers (MSSPs) help companies keep up with today’s constantly changing threat landscape, relieve stress and reduce expense by taking a systematic and strategic approach to identifying and protecting an organization from vulnerabilities.

Ranked globally as a top managed security service provider, Sword & Shield Enterprise Security partners with you to provide expert turnkey 24x7x365 data protection from our SOC 2 certified security operations center (SOC) at a fraction of the cost of operating your own facility.

Why use an MSSP

The MSSP provides cybersecurity management through a team of expert analysts to fulfill your security and compliance requirements and provide you with peace of mind. This comprehensive and scalable service helps to quickly, easily and cost effectively deploy all the security controls you need in order to log, monitor, detect, analyze, and respond to an attack.

Manage Security Costs

Our subscription-based pricing model provides a predictable monthly fee, allowing you to manage costs. This helps to avoid hiring an additional full-time employee or stretching your current staff too thin.

Address Compliance

Our MSSP services address HIPAA, PCI, GDPR and general security awareness training needs. This includes log data storage, monitoring systems for security events and periodic scanning of systems for security vulnerabilities.

Provide Consistency

Hiring, training and retaining qualified staff is costly. Then, what happens if they leave the company? Sword & Shield maintains a team of analysts to serve you, with practices in place to provide continuity and consistency.

Detect Ransomware

Our Managed SIEM service detects ransomware and other malware variants that can have a catastrophic impact on your network if not discovered. We notify you of detection, and work with you to quickly eradicate the threat.

Your MSSP Partner

Sword & Shield’s team of expert analysts become a trusted component of your risk management operations. Our integral participation in your operational environment provides peace of mind and keeps us tuned in to your needs. This empowers us to react quickly to threats as well as requests for all our other services such as penetration testing, risk assessments, remediation, forensics and compliance projects.

Managed security versus in-house services

What Makes Sword & Shield a Top MSSP Provider

Sword & Shield has been named among the world’s top MSSP providers. These are the factors that make us different:

Our People
Sword & Shield’s world-class security analysts and resources serve as an extension of your internal IT department and security teams. We take our responsibility for protection of your data seriously. This is why we feel it’s imperative to work with you on a collaborative basis, be proactive in addressing potential issues, and to respond quickly to problems.

Our team of experts analyzes dozens of different environments across various industries, giving us (and you) a complete picture of the threat landscape to help protect your network. We employ this depth and breadth of knowledge to ensure your systems are fully optimized, properly configured and maintained at all times.

In addition, every Sword & Shield MSSP customer is assigned a technical account manager (TAM) to provide specialized technical, experienced and consultative care to ensure we deliver unmatched MSSP services. Meetings with TAM and customer occur on a weekly basis to ensure customer needs are met.

Our Process
Sword & Shield works with you to identify your critical assets and react to the exploits dangerous to your organization. This drastically reduces the “noise” created by risky traffic, and makes actual threats more recognizable. If a threat is detected, we notify you within minutes to work with you to solve the problem in the way that is best for your business.

Our Technology
Sword & Shield has strategically identified, learned and implemented best-in-breed technologies to serve the needs of our clients. We thoroughly research, test, and use a defined set of products to allow us to focus on and become experts in each of them, empowering us to effectively serve our clients’ needs.

Your Experience
These ingredients add up to produce a uniquely positive and collaborative experience with Sword & Shield that most MSSPs do not provide.

Network Security Services

Our team of experts applies the appropriate security controls for your business with a tailored suite of services. This empowers them to log, monitor, detect, analyze, and respond to external cyberattacks and malicious and non-malicious insider threat activity. Sword & Shield’s Managed Security Service offers protection through the following network security services and capabilities:

Customized Managed Security Protection

Our Managed Security Services platform is tailored to meet the needs of any customer network, from a single location to multiple sites worldwide. These information security services can be scaled to meet the changing needs of your growing company and computing requirements.

Sword & Shield partners with you to offer world-class security experts and resources to serve as an extension to your internal IT department and security teams. Request a focused demonstration of our MSSP turnkey solution and download the product brief.

Get a Handle on Your Security

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