Focus on Your Business, Leave the Security to Us.

Utilize Our Experts

Our MSSP helps you quickly, easily and cost effectively deploy all the security controls you need to DETECT, ANALYZE, LOG, MONITOR and REACT to threats, ensuring that your most important IT assets are always protected.

Reduce Your Costs

The predictable monthly fee allows you to manage cost as an operating expense and eliminates the need for an additional head-count or stretching your current IT staff too thin. Through our subscription model, similar to your monthly internet provider, a Sword & Shield consultant will partner with you to PLAN, IMPLEMENT, and MONITOR security services for your business.

Plug Your Gaps

Our Managed Security Service comes with all the security controls you may need to fill gaps or expand visibility cost-effectively to more parts of your infrastructure, enabling you to better manage risk.

6 Pillars of our Managed Security Service

Security Intelligence

Provide targeted alerts and reports

  • Event Correlation
  • Event Filtering
  • Alerting

Log Monitoring and Archival

Store system logs to meet compliance requirements

  • PCI

Behavioral Monitoring

  • Services & Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Network Protocol Analysis/Full Packet Capture
  • Network Flow Analysis

Asset Discovery

Create an inventory of critical assets running

  • Passive Network Monitoring
  • Active Network Monitoring
  • Host-based Software Inventory

Vulnerability Assessment

Provide an understanding of which assets are vulnerable to attacks utilizing two methods:

  • Unauthenticated Scans
  • Authenticated Scans

Threat Detection

  • Network Intrusion Detection (IDS)
  • Host-based Intrusion Detection (HIDS)
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Wireless Intrusion Detection (WIDS)

Fully Customizable

Sword & Shield’s MSSP can be tailored to meet the needs of any customer network, which means deployments can involve a single location or multiple locations worldwide and can be scaled to meet the changing needs of your computing situation.

Address Compliance Requirements

In today’s regulated business environment there are many compliance requirements that must be addressed in order for businesses to avoid potential fines and penalties associated with non-compliance. Both Healthcare (HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requirements touch a large portion of businesses today. The MSSP service is designed to address many compliance issues, to include, storage of log data, monitoring systems for security events, and periodic scanning of systems for security vulnerabilities. With the MSSP service, businesses can rest assured that these aspects of compliance are being addressed.

Typical MSSP Deployment


Using three major components powered by Alien Vault – sensors, loggers and SIEM – paired with the irreplaceable human insight of Sword & Shield’s highly skilled security operations center team, our MSSP efficiently and effectively addresses the security needs of enterprises worldwide.

MSSP – The Secure Choice for Your Business

In a world of shrinking IT budgets and ever-increasing security threats, it’s essential for companies to get the most out of their security investments. With no long-term investments in equipment or applications required, our MSSP is a low cost/high value service that is purchased as a subscription rather than a complex capital expenditure. Lower your cost of ownership; let your team focus on your business while Sword & Shield’s highly skilled staff of certified consultants ensures the safety of your data.

Get a Handle on Your Security

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