Mobile Forensics

  • Mobile Forensics

    More Than Meets the Eye
    Put Our Team on Your Case
    Request a Free Consultation for our Mobile Forensics services.
  • Mobile Forensics

    More Than Meets the Eye
    Put Our Team on Your Case
    Request a Free Consultation for our Mobile Forensics services.

We are your first call when you need to find critical evidence.


Mobile forensics, similar to computer forensics, depends on the investigative techniques and experience of the investigator. However, the mobile forensics market does not provide a single toolset that supports all mobile devices.

With our dedication for success, Sword & Shield has invested in a combination of the most state of the art mobile forensics tools. This provides our clients with the most available data from more than 7,000 different mobile devices.


Once the artifacts have been successfully extracted from the mobile device, the need for appropriate analysis is essential for our success. Sword & Shield leverages our extensive digital forensics experience, supported by proven methodologies, to properly interpret the information.

The ability to properly correlate extracted information can often be the difference between a benign artifact and the “smoking gun” that you seek.


The product of our tools and approach are comprehensive reports detailing the objectives you seek. Our mobile forensics reports are structured to be simple to understand, while technical enough to withstand the scrutiny of opposition.

We stand behind our reports further via depositions and expert testimony as needed.

Does your investigation have a broader scope?

Our Digital Forensics team can handle investigations spanning multiple devices, computers, networks, and more.

Our Mobile Forensics Process


The process begins with a consultation session where we ensure that we provide the appropriate services to suit your needs.

Evidence Collection

Forensic Analysts will work with you to either ship your evidence, or we will come onsite to verify and collect the evidence.

Forensic Analysis

While maintaining the proper chain of custody, we investigate your digital evidence to recover and analyze the information as needed.


We will generate a formal report to document the findings of our forensic analysis.

Expert Witness Support

We will provide expert witness testimony pertaining to the procedures and methodologies used in the investigation as needed.


Certifications include CCE, SANS, GCFA, and we are licensed certified private investigators in the state of Tennessee.

Put Our Mobile Device Investigation Team on Your Case

Request a Free Consultation for our Mobile Forensics services.

Featured Additional Services

Sword & Shield provides a wide variety of security related services for our clients. The following list provides an overview of some of the most common services we perform. For more details about these services or other services we perform, contact us today.

Penetration Testing

Our team of experts can perform a penetration test that meets the requirements of PCI and EI3PA and is aligned with industry best practice. Sword & Shield’s assessment team specializes in this type of work and is in high demand from organizations across the globe.

Data Breach Threat Analysis

Our unique Data Breach Threat Analysis is designed to proactively identify threats and vulnerabilities that may have already been introduced during the time lag between the release of the vulnerability exploitation code and when security patches are actually applied to the vulnerable system(s).

Managed Security Services

Monitoring system logs for security events and responding appropriately can be an overwhelming task in most organizations. Sword & Shield has assembled a team of experts that specializes in this area and is prepared to perform this task for your organization.

Sensitive Data Discovery Scan

Through our comprehensive Sensitive Data Discovery Scan we will perform a scan of your network that will pinpoint sources of confidential electronic health data, as well as where additional subsets, copies and exports of that data reside.

Virtual Security & Compliance Consulting

A Virtual Security & Compliance Consultant (vSCC) helps you choose which competencies your company needs now — helping with overall information security, direction, governance and planning to support strategic business initiatives.

24x7 Security Operations Center

Our 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) provides an around-the-clock facility fully staffed by highly trained security analysts. Our experts stay on the cutting edge of technology and informed of emerging threats in order to provide comprehensive protection for your business.