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March2014 ~ Volume 3

OurvSCC Can Solve IT Security Problems Without Busting Budgets

The impact of a networksecurity breach can affect a company's reputation, growth and, ultimately, their bottom line.Enterprise Solutions Graphic

But, theincrease of more sophisticated threats, the pressure to achieve regulatory compliance, an increased use in mobile technology and tightened ITbudgets are straining already stretched IT departments.

Imagine having access to a security expert, a computerforensics"guru" and a compliancespecialist without paying for each expert individually.

Enterour Virtual Security and Compliance Consultant (vSCC).

OurvSCC is an integral part of Sword & Shield's EnterpriseSolutions for businesses. Our vSCC provides your company withseasoned IT experts for less than the cost of hiring several additional staff. This allows management to make prudent decisions to achieve security and regulatory compliance goals.

"We're there as an extension of the IT staff," said Fred Cobb, Sword & Shield's director of Enterprise Solutions. "We can be both big-project and small- task focused."

Cobb said hiringour vSCC complements a customer'sexisting IT or security staff and aids in meeting security and compliance goals.

"You may have the staff, but, oftentimes there needs to be a separation of duties between the security aspects of the environment and the IT operational aspects," he said.

Cobb also pointed out that,in todays employment environment, the field of IT security is highly volitile and a premium is placed on the skills that security professionals demonstrate. As a result, security experts may only stay with your organization for a short period before leaving for the next opportunity.

"High turnover can have a negative financial impact on an organization," he said. "We've been here 17 years. We're not going anywhere."

For more information about how Sword & Shield's Enterprise Solutions can enhance your IT staff, please contact us or call 865-244-3500.

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We Can Do What?

Do you find the process of product license and maintenance renewals to be cumbersome, time-consuming and cost-inefficient?

Check Point UTM-1 ApplianceWould you prefer working with a single point-of-contact, rather than multiple account executives and product vendors?

Stay tuned for more information on our fresh approach to your renewal problems.

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