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June 2014 ~ Volume 6

Managed Services Can Save Your Reputation and Your Pocketbook

IT security hardware and software can help you manage risks to your network, but an expert analyst helps you stop an attack before it happens - saving your reputation and your money.

"It's like playing detective," said Fred Cobb, Sword & Shield's Enterprise Solutions and Risk and Compliance director. "We build a trend - know what it looks like - and can thwart attacks."

Sword & Shield uses theAlienVault All-in-One SIEM, a platform designed and priced to ensure that mid-market organizations can effectively defend themselves against todays advanced threats.

alienvaultOur Managed Security Servicesteam installs the box and spends about 30 days tuning the product to cater to your specific IT network. After our team learns your network, they start adding agents and customizing the device to meet your specific risk and vulnerability levels.

MSSP SecurityAnalyst Rocky Breeden says the AlienVault tool immediately begins logging and monitoring andfinds risks and vulnerabilities on a client's network even before customization.

"We've seen malware in Java, Adobe and Vista because they weren't patched," Breeden said. "We've found Cryptolocker, Crypodefense and Conficker and we see real-time DOS attacks. Mostly we see brute force attacks - people actively trying password after password to get into the network."

He said Sword & Shield also uses the AlienVault tool for incident response customers who could not rid their network of viruses and malware.

"In a matter of a few days, we can have (a virus or malware) contained," he said.

Systems EngineerBrandon Thompson said customers can be as hands on as they want, but said most are happy to allow Sword & Shield to manage their monthly upgrades and overall maintenance of the appliance.

Cobb added that, while larger companies often make the news when their network is breached, a company of any size can be a target.

"Don't consider yourself too small" to be immune from attacks, he said.

For more information about Sword & Shield's MSSP services, please call us at 865-244-3500 or email

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