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Sept.2014 ~ Volume 9

Our Franchise Program Helps You Stay PCI Compliant

Corporate franchises must protect their brand and reputation fromfranchise logo the risk of data breaches, but don't know how to offer tailored services to both their corporate and franchise locations when transaction sizes are so varied.

Sword & Shield has developed a franchise program to assist companiesthat haveboth corporate and franchise owners achieve their Payment Card Industry (PCI) assessments at all levels and at costs each can afford.

"Our franchise program is something we offer to our franchisor customers as a value added benefit to their franchisee community to reduce the PCI compliance costs," Sword & Shield Director of PCI/EI3PA Services John Harmon said. "This applies to franchisor organizations that act as a PCI service provider to their franchise community by providing point of sale equipment or other servicesto the franchisee operators."

The program features:

  • PCI DSS assessment
  • Internal and external vulnerability scanning
  • Penetration testing
  • Awareness and secure coding training
  • Policies and procedures

Our program allows the franchise organizations thatare large enough to require a Level 2 merchant assessmentto take advantage of discounted costs due to their relationship and shared systems with the corporate organization.

By providing such guidance and special offers,franchise owners see that this program provides a balance between cost andthe benefits of brand protection.

"When Sword & Shield enters in to an assessment agreement, we view the relationship as a partnership," Harmon said. "We have extensive experience in the franchisor/franchisee market space working with large distributed food, retail, and fuel companies to help improve their security position as well as assess their compliance."

Try the service now andreceive 30 minutes free consultation time with a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).

To learn more, call us at 865-244-3500, email us at or fill out a consultation request.

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