Filter the Noise. Deceive the Attacker.

The unprecedented volume of traffic hitting networks and increasing sophistication of threats leaves organizations vulnerable, unaware, and unable to rapidly respond to this new landscape.

Today’s information security program demands a proactive approach that offers transparency. To answer this need, Sword & Shield’s Managed Security Services offers advanced perimeter defense and automated deception services through our 24/7 security operations center (SOC).

Perimeter Defense: Network Traffic Control

Stop unwanted, illegitimate and distracting traffic from entering your network environment.

We employ a traffic-centric approach to perimeter defense that leverages best-in-class traffic-reducing technology to easily stop more threats, and provides transparency and insight into traffic that is entering and leaving your network environment.

Throw Hackers Off the Scent with Cyber Deception

We use a unique array of sensors, redirection techniques, and triggers to create a dynamic and deceptive virtual minefield. With automated deception working at the perimeter, we can deceive and catch attackers during the discovery phase of an attack when they are most vulnerable.

Perimeter Defense and Cyber Deception Benefits

  • Improve overall security performance and reduce security costs
  • Build a deceptive and dynamic perimeter to fool and trap attackers & threats
  • Reduce network traffic by up to 70%
  • Increase compliance with regulatory standards
  • Get transparency into perimeter traffic patterns
  • Obtain real-time threat intelligence based on your network activity
  • Optimize SIEM and improve firewall performance
  • Protect against flooding and DDoS
  • Customize reporting, analytics and forensics
  • Protect on-premises or cloud environments

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