Policy and Procedure Review and Development for Data Governance and Compliance

Cybersecurity policies and procedures provide both guidance and governance for your company’s employees and for the data they store, process, or transmit. For this reason, thorough and effective information security policies and procedures are a mandatory component of a robust cybersecurity program.

In addition, organizations that must meet compliance requirements for one or more frameworks, including PCI, HIPAA, NCUA, FFIEC, NIST, etc., are responsible for creating and maintaining policies and procedures.

Information Security Policies and Procedures

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security’s experts partner with you through our Policy and Procedure Review and Development Service to ensure your organization is equipped with adequate and appropriate documentation. The result of this service is a procedure playbook for you to follow. 

Our consultants apply their vast information security and compliance knowledge and experience to create or review the following:

  • Access Authorization Policy
  • Access Control Policy
  • BYOD Security Policy
  • Change Management Policy
  • Cloud Storage Policy
  • Data Backup and Restore Policy
  • Data Classification Policy
  • Document Retention Policy
  • Email Usage Policy
  • Encryption Policy
  • Incident Response Policy
  • Sensitive Data
  • Media Disposal, Destruction and Re-use Policy
  • Password Management Policy
  • Patch Management Policy
  • Security Awareness Training Policy
  • Social Media Usage Policy
  • Use of Removable Media Policy
  • Vendor Agreements Review Policy
  • Workstation Use Policy

Policy and Procedure Creation or Review

Our information security Policy and Procedure Review and Development Service provides you with a document set that meets your security and compliance objectives, while taking into account the company culture and overall risk appetite. This service can be scaled to fit your needs; from providing simple yet effective policy templates, to delivering a completely customized set of policies and procedures.

For those customers who have an existing policy and procedure set, Sword & Shield performs a review to validate the effectiveness of this information security documentation.

Additional Services Related to Policy and Procedure Development

Sword & Shield offers a wide range of information security and compliance services through our Enterprise Solutions line of business. Additional Enterprise Solutions services include the following:

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO): Outsourced executive-level guidance and leadership, but without the costs associated with hiring a full-time “C-suite” employee. Learn more…

Virtual Security and Compliance Consultant (vSCC): Outsourced senior-level expertise to “knock out” important projects from your list without the expense of hiring a full-time expert. Learn more…

Strategic Security Assessment (SSA): Comprehensive analysis of every aspect of your business to thoroughly evaluate the maturity of your security posture. Learn more…

Sensitive Data Discovery Services (SDDS): Combination of automated and manual processes to quickly, efficiently, and discreetly identify sensitive data, how it flows throughout your organization, and where it rests. Learn more…

Incident Response Program Development: Customized program development that provides you with peace of mind in knowing you have a trustworthy plan to deal with unexpected security incidents. Learn more…

Ransomware Defense Assessment: Assessment that identifies current ransomware vulnerabilities, and explanation of how to close gaps through proper remediation and targeted awareness training. Learn more…

Cloud Migration Security Planning: Assistance with planning for and navigating the many common issues companies encounter when moving from on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based systems. Learn more…

CIS Critical Security Controls Assessment: Assessment based on this internationally-recognized framework for cyber security defense initiatives. Request a consultation…

Cyber Security Program Development: Comprehensive program development including data governance and data classification, policy and procedure development, security awareness training, and network architecture review. Learn more…

Data Classification Service: Classification of data to make essential information easy to find and retrieve, particularly for risk management, legal discovery, and compliance. Request a consultation…

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning: Plan creation designed to minimize downtime and data loss in the event that all or part of your operations are rendered unusable. Request a consultation…

Due Diligence Assessment: High-level overview of risk associated with your organization’s pending merger or acquisition as it relates to cybersecurity and compliance. Learn more…

Network Security Architecture Assessment: Evaluation of the security and overall design of your network architecture and infrastructure, and to compare their alignment with your security goals and objectives. Request a consultation…

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