Save on Overall Cost and Time Managing Licenses and Contracts

Many of our Partners find the process of license and maintenance renewals to be cumbersome, time-consuming and cost-inefficient. They would prefer working with a single point-of-contact, rather than multiple account executives and product managers at several product vendors.

Eliminate the Challenges and Hassle

Sword & Shield’s Products Renewal Program provides with you a single point-of-contact who oversees all of your licenses and maintenance renewals. We seek to remove some of the challenges you encounter in dealing with multiple vendors, such as non-standard pricing, a continuous renewal calendar and other issues that arise during the process. It is our goal to handle the oversight of this process for you at an overall cost and time savings to your organization.

Let Us Handle All the Details

Your single point-of-contact will cover all of the details for you:

  • Identify your current security products.
  • Analyze the renewal schedule for each product and product line.
  • Coordinate with product vendors to provide best pricing options.
  • Aggressively seek opportunities to co-term all renewals to a single renewal date or client preference.
  • Provide counsel on lifecycle management, product announcements and promotions.

There is no upfront cost and the single point of contact, along with the option of co-termination and/or regularly scheduled renewals, also provides convenience.

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