Products Renewal Program

Products Renewal Program

Save overall cost and time managing licenses and contracts with our Products Renewal Program.

Many of our Partners find the process of license and maintenance renewals to be cumbersome, time-consuming and cost-inefficient. They would prefer working with a single point-of-contact, rather than multiple account executives and product managers at several product vendors.

Eliminate the Challenges and Hassle

Sword & Shield’s Products Renewal Program provides with you a single point-of-contact who oversees all of your licenses and maintenance renewals. We seek to remove some of the challenges you encounter in dealing with multiple vendors, such as non-standard pricing, a continuous renewal calendar and other issues that arise during the process. It is our goal to handle the oversight of this process for you at an overall cost and time savings to your organization.

Let Us Handle All the Details

Your single point-of-contact will cover all of the details for you:

  • Identify your current security products.
  • Analyze the renewal schedule for each product and product line.
  • Coordinate with product vendors to provide best pricing options.
  • Aggressively seek opportunities to co-term all renewals to a single renewal date or client preference.
  • Provide counsel on lifecycle management, product announcements and promotions.

There is no upfront cost and the single point of contact, along with the option of co-termination and/or regularly scheduled renewals, also provides convenience.

Contact Us Today

To find out how this program can benefit you, please fill out a consultation request, call us at 865-244-3500 or email us at sales@swordshield.com.

Featured Additional Services

Sword & Shield provides a wide variety of security related services for our clients. The following list provides an overview of some of the most common services we perform. For more details about these services or other services we perform, contact us today.

Penetration Testing

Our team of experts can perform a penetration test that meets the requirements of PCI and EI3PA and is aligned with industry best practice. Sword & Shield’s assessment team specializes in this type of work and is in high demand from organizations across the globe.

Data Breach Threat Analysis

Our unique Data Breach Threat Analysis is designed to proactively identify threats and vulnerabilities that may have already been introduced during the time lag between the release of the vulnerability exploitation code and when security patches are actually applied to the vulnerable system(s).

Managed Security Services

Monitoring system logs for security events and responding appropriately can be an overwhelming task in most organizations. Sword & Shield has assembled a team of experts that specializes in this area and is prepared to perform this task for your organization.

Sensitive Data Discovery Scan

Through our comprehensive Sensitive Data Discovery Scan we will perform a scan of your network that will pinpoint sources of confidential electronic health data, as well as where additional subsets, copies and exports of that data reside.

Virtual Security & Compliance Consulting

A Virtual Security & Compliance Consultant (vSCC) helps you choose which competencies your company needs now — helping with overall information security, direction, governance and planning to support strategic business initiatives.

24x7 Security Operations Center

Our 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) provides an around-the-clock facility fully staffed by highly trained security analysts. Our experts stay on the cutting edge of technology and informed of emerging threats in order to provide comprehensive protection for your business.