Collaborative Network Attack Penetration Testing

Red + Blue = Purple

You’ve got all the best security tools and procedures in place. How can you be sure they all fit together to truly protect your organization?

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security offers our cooperative engagement Purple Team Assessment Service. This is a highly collaborative process that renders invaluable insight through real world attack and defense scenarios.

Our Purple Team security assessment allows you to hire a team of hackers to identify vulnerabilities in your security posture, allowing you to “plug the holes” before you’re compromised.

What is Purple Team?

A cybersecurity Purple Team exercise is a threat hunting exercise between Sword & Shield’s attacking force (Red Team) and your defending force (Blue Team). This goes above and beyond a vulnerability assessment or network scanning tools.

Note: Sword & Shield also offers these services. Visit our Security Assessments page to learn about these related services.

The primary goal of a Purple Team exercise is to evaluate your security controls and ability to detect attacks, compromise, lateral movement, command and control communications, and data exfiltration. This serves to enrich and validate detection mechanisms you have in place and to identify and reduce cyber attack paths. Simply put, Purple Teaming maximizes the results of Red Team activities and improves Blue Team capability.

Purple Teaming, or advanced penetration testing, is deep-level security intended for organizations with a mature information security program. The purpose is to show how vulnerabilities are used against a specific configuration or scenario, and if they are detectable.

Threat Hunting Using Adversary Simulation

Sword & Shield partners with you to construct a test that is unique to your business. Following this process provides insight into how hackers get around controls you currently have in place:

Purple Team Assessment Service Process

Purple Team Attack Path Identification

The Purple Team Assessment Service evaluation identifies and exercises attack paths that could lead to compromise. This can consist of a single system to an entire network and all of its hosts, as opposed to merely identifying a list of vulnerabilities found on hosts or a target network.

The results of this assessment should be integrated with your information security program to ensure its continuous improvement. Overall, this exercise will instill confidence in your current security controls and practices while identifying gaps in the organization’s implementation.

Sword & Shield’s Purple Team Assessment Service offers these potential attack paths or scenarios:

  • Successful Phishing Campaign
  • Unauthorized Device
  • Compromised Standard User Account
  • External Attacker

Purple Team evaluates the effectiveness and proper implementation of the following technologies (if implemented):

  • Firewall
  • Application White Listing
  • Segmentation
  • Anti Virus
  • Proxies
  • Log Management
  • Endpoint Detection

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Purple Team Assessment Service

Purple Team Assessment Service

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