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Data Sheets
247 soc thumbnail - 24/7 Security Operations Center Datasheet

24/7 Security Operations Center Datasheet

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security’s 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) provides an around-the-clock facility fully staffed by highly trained security analysts. Our experts stay on the cutting edge of technology and informed of emerging threats in order to provide comprehensive protection for your business.

company overview thumbnail - Company Overview Data Sheet

Company Overview Data Sheet

Technology firms that dabble in security tell you what you’re doing wrong (or not doing at all) and walk away, leaving you without a plan of action. Sword & Shield Enterprise Security is a nationally-recognized information security and compliance firm that partners with you to identify gaps and vulnerabilities, then continues to work with you to achieve and maintain a secure and compliant environment.

enterprise solutions 350x425 - Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

We get it... As critical as information security is, not all organizations can justify the additional expense of hiring an internal resource. With the median salary for just one IT security professional ranging from $60,000 to $100,000, adding in benefits, taxes and other expenses, the cost of hiring additional employees can be prohibitive.

forensics and ediscovery 350x425 - Forensics and eDiscovery Data Sheet

Forensics and eDiscovery Data Sheet

Digital evidence can be the deciding factor in criminal, civil and corporate investigations. Digital technology often plays a role in data theft, employee theft, employee compliance and policy violation, embezzlement, fraud and commercial disputes, just to name a few. For most businesses, the vast majority of information created digitally is stored on personal computers, network drives and PDAs, leaving the business susceptible to security threats, non-compliance and a loss of information. As a discipline, digital forensics can uncover critical pieces of information, such as recovered communications and other electronic documentation. If an attempt has been made to delete, erase, or otherwise hide critical evidence, you need the competent digital investigation capabilities of our professionals.

incident response datasheet.400x502 - Incident Response Program Development Datasheet

Incident Response Program Development Datasheet

Sword & Shield partners with you through our Incident Response Program Development service to provide you with peace of mind in knowing you have a plan to deal with unexpected security incidents. Our experienced professionals take the burden of preparation off you, and make a complex undertaking simple. The result is a customized, current, and actionable plan you know you can trust.

mssp datasheet thumbnail - Managed Security Service Data Sheet

Managed Security Service Data Sheet

A comprehensive, scalable enterprise managed security service from Sword & Shield Enterprise Security. Our MSSP lets you focus on your business while leaving the IT Security to the Experts, reduce IT costs through our subscription service, and plug gaps in existing controls.

mobile application security assessment - Mobile Application Security Assessment

Mobile Application Security Assessment

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security partners with you through our Mobile Application Security Assessment service to empower you to offer secure mobile applications.

nist datasheet thumbnail.400x500 - NIST 800-171 Assessment Service

NIST 800-171 Assessment Service

Sword & Shield is immersed in various compliance frameworks (NIST, HIPAA, PCI, SANS, CSC 20, ISO, etc.) on a daily basis. Our expertise makes us uniquely qualified to understand and relate these requirements to your business in order to identify gaps and recommend how to fill them.

Our NIST 800-171 Assessment Service provides the following value to you:

  • Saves you the time and stress of working through the framework.
  • Provides clarity for the NIST 800-171 compliance requirements and gives guidance on how to mitigate deficiencies.
  • Provides an objective and knowledgeable view of how the requirements affect your organization.
pci datasheet thumbnail.500x608 - PCI DSS Compliance Services

PCI DSS Compliance Services

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security partners with you to make PCI compliance easier. We take the burden off you by providing expert QSAs, security engineers, technical writers, and more to provide world class, competitively-priced PCI compliance services.

penetration testing services - Penetration Testing Services

Penetration Testing Services

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security’s penetration testing experts partner with you to simulate the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of real-world attackers to discover your critical vulnerabilities and remediate them before they’re exploited.

product solutions 350x425 - Product Solutions Data Sheet

Product Solutions Data Sheet

Sword & Shield’s clients have come to depend on us to ensure the security and protection of their IT environments due to our comprehensive approach to security and our commitment to developing strong partnerships with those we serve. Not only do we provide comprehensive security consulting services, including risk and compliance assessments, security testing and our Fortress managed security service, we also have a full line of enterprise-class security products to complement any IT security strategy.

purple team assessment service - Purple Team Assessment Service Datasheet

Purple Team Assessment Service Datasheet

Purple Teaming is intended for organizations with a mature information security program. The purpose is to show how vulnerabilities are used against a specific configuration or scenario, and if they are detectable. Sword & Shield partners with you to construct a test that is unique to your business and renders invaluable insight through real world attack and defense scenarios.

risk and compliance.325x408 - Risk and Compliance Data Sheet

Risk and Compliance Data Sheet

We provide integrated solutions for organizations seeking to achieve and maintain compliance. We deliver comprehensive risk and compliance services including consulting for regulatory compliance, risk assessments, penetration testing to evaluate network vulnerabilities, remediation of vulnerabilities and security policy creation and review. Not only are we helping enterprises meet compliance requirements, we’re helping them increase their own credibility and customer confidence.

security testing datasheet - Security Assessments Data Sheet

Security Assessments Data Sheet

If an organization does not take the time to properly secure their enterprise, the repercussions can be severe – fines, lawsuits, loss of critical data, to significant reputational damage.

With a professionalism that is unmatched, Sword & Shield’s services have helped clients improve their defense against potential data compromise. Our unique testing platform, Gauntlet™ has proven effective in both commercial and government environments, reaching beyond traditional vulnerability assessments and exposing hidden risks.

sensitive data discovery datasheet.600x729 - Sensitive Data Discovery Services

Sensitive Data Discovery Services

Most companies know where their sensitive data is supposed to be. But in the complex world of multi-user IT environments and free-flowing data, sensitive information can migrate to and
settle in unexpected places. Over time, companies can lose track of where their sensitive data is.

Sword & Shield partners with you to provide Sensitive Data Discovery Services (SDDS) to quickly, efficiently, and discreetly identify sensitive data and how it flows throughout your organization.

ssa pdf.400x502 - Strategic Security Assessment Datasheet

Strategic Security Assessment Datasheet

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security’s Strategic Security Assessment (SSA) service is a comprehensive analysis of every aspect of your business as it relates to security. From hiring practices to physical and network security, Sword & Shield partners with you to thoroughly assess the maturity of your security posture.

vciso thumbnail - vCISO Datasheet

vCISO Datasheet

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security’s Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service provides companies of all sizes and industries with executive-level guidance and leadership, but without the costs associated with hiring a full-time “C-suite” employee.

virtual attack team datasheet thumbnail - Virtual Attack Team

Virtual Attack Team

Knowing your vulnerabilities and the ways attackers could exploit them is one of the most valuable insights you can obtain for your organization. Sword & Shield’s Virtual Attack Team service package empowers you to gain an attacker’s perspective of your security environment. Virtual Attack Team allows Sword & Shield to partner with you to create a strategic and highly flexible cybersecurity plan tailored to your business with services you can use on a regular basis.

vscc datasheet thumbnail - Virtual Security and Compliance Consultant Datasheet

Virtual Security and Compliance Consultant Datasheet

Sword & Shield’s Virtual Security and Compliance Consultant (vSCC) service provides senior level expertise to assist organizations of all industries to quickly and efficiently tackle key cybersecurity, compliance and/or product integration projects without hiring additional full-time staff.

vQSA thumbnail.400x502 1 - vQSA Datasheet

vQSA Datasheet

As a company that accepts credit card payments for your products and services, adhering to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is mandatory. But becoming PCI compliant and maintaining that status can be expensive and complex.

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security partners with you through our Virtual Qualified Security Assessor (vQSA) program to make PCI compliance simple and affordable.

The vQSA takes the burden off you by providing access to our team of expert QSAs, security engineers, technical writers, and more at a fraction of the cost of hiring full time employees.

Web Application Assessment brief

Web Application Assessment


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