How can you protect your sensitive data if you don’t know where it is?

Most companies know where their sensitive data is supposed to be. But in the complex world of multi-user IT environments and free-flowing data, sensitive information can migrate to and settle in unexpected places. Over time, companies can lose track of where their sensitive data is.

Shadow IT is rampant, and data breaches as well as the loss of sensitive information through carelessness or ignorance is at an all-time high. Most concerning is when sensitive data finds its way into unsecured files on desktops, laptops, other mobile devices, and other locations where data is at rest.

Find Sensitive Data

To handle this problem, you need a company you can trust.

Sword & Shield partners with you to provide Sensitive Data Discovery Services (SDDS) to quickly, efficiently, and discreetly find sensitive data and identify how it flows throughout your organization.

SDDS identifies all personally identifiable information, payment card information, medical records, member data, corporate intellectual property and more. Then, the process determines if the proper security measures are in place to protect that information, or if it should be removed altogether.

Our Difference

Our information security analysts help you locate sensitive data by providing you with visibility into where it flows and rests. They apply their deep knowledge of the tools they use, data governance and classification, compliance controls, the legal implications of data breaches, and overall business impact. This ensures Sword & Shield delivers a service that is valuable to your business. Sensitive Data Discovery Service ProcessSword & Shield’s Sensitive Data Discovery Service is unmatched due to our thorough process:


Sword & Shield gets to know your company and how you do business by conducting discovery interviews. This helps us to determine the types of sensitive data you need to protect.

Build a Scan Package

Next, we build a scan package based on our deep knowledge of the tools we use and the information revealed during your interview.


Then, we configure and run the scan using the appropriate tools vetted, tested, and trusted by Sword & Shield.


We then collect and analyze the results based on expert application of the knowledge gained from the data discovery process.

Construct a Results Report

Our information security experts construct a results report, including where we found sensitive data, down to the individual file.

Review the Results

The next step is to review the results with you in depth in order to determine your appetite for risk.

Recommend Steps for Remediation 

Finally, not only do we help you find sensitive data, but we also make information security recommendations for consolidating and securing your sensitive data based on our information security expertise.

Additional Services Related to Sensitive Data Discovery

Sword & Shield offers a wide range of information security and compliance services through our Enterprise Solutions line of business. Additional Enterprise Solutions services include the following:

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO): Outsourced executive-level guidance and leadership, but without the costs associated with hiring a full-time “C-suite” employee. Learn more…

Virtual Security and Compliance Consultant (vSCC): Outsourced senior-level expertise to “knock out” important projects from your list without the expense of hiring a full-time expert. Learn more…

Strategic Security Assessment (SSA): Comprehensive analysis of every aspect of your business to thoroughly evaluate the maturity of your security posture. Learn more…

Incident Response Program Development: Customized program development that provides you with peace of mind in knowing you have a trustworthy plan to deal with unexpected security incidents. Learn more…

Ransomware Defense Assessment: Assessment that identifies current ransomware vulnerabilities, and explanation of how to close gaps through proper remediation and targeted awareness training. Learn more…

Cloud Migration Security Planning: Assistance with planning for and navigating the many common issues companies encounter when moving from on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based systems. Learn more…

Network Security Architecture Assessment: Evaluation of the security and overall design of your network architecture and infrastructure, and to compare their alignment with your security goals and objectives. Request a consultation…

Cyber Security Program Development: Comprehensive program development including data governance and data classification, policy and procedure development, security awareness training, and network architecture review. Request a consultation…

Data Classification Service: Classification of data to make essential information easy to find and retrieve, particularly for risk management, legal discovery, and compliance. Request a consultation…

Policy and Procedure Review and Development: Review and creation of guidance and governance for your employees and for the data they store, process, or transmit to establish a robust cyber security program. Learn more…

CIS Critical Security Controls Assessment: Assessment based on this internationally-recognized framework for cyber security defense initiatives. Request a consultation…

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning: Plan creation designed to minimize downtime and data loss in the event that all or part of your operations are rendered unusable. Request a consultation…

Access an entire team of security professionals for less than the cost of one. Request a consultation.

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