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You’ve read about the breaches. You’ve seen other companies lose their reputations and financial standing after a cybersecurity attack. You understand that the safety of your company’s data is tantamount to your business’s secure future.

Are you certain your organization is doing everything it can to protect itself from cyber threats and noncompliance?


Where do you start?

Through our Strategic Security Assessment, Sword & Shield can tell you everything about your security environment and what your company is doing – or not doing – to safeguard your systems and comply with the regulations your industry requires. Our Strategic Security Assessment incorporates a holistic approach to identifying potential vulnerabilities in your overall cyber security program. We will examine the current state of your security and compliance programs and provide a Roadmap to Security and Compliance that will chart a path to a more secure and compliant environment.

Our assessors are seasoned specialists who will review your:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Staff Training Programs for Privacy and Security Awareness
  • Data Governance and Data Classification
  • Risks
  • System Architecture
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Incident and Breach Response Plans
  • Specific Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  • Service Agreements for Cloud Services Review

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