PCI CompliancevQSA: PCI Compliance Program

Outsourced QSA program for worry-free PCI Compliance

As a company that accepts credit card payments for your products and services, adhering to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is mandatory. But becoming PCI compliant and maintaining that status can be expensive and complex.

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security partners with you through our Virtual Qualified Security Assessor (vQSA) program to make PCI compliance simple and affordable.

The virtual QSA PCI compliance program takes the burden off you by providing access to our team of expert QSAs, security engineers, technical writers, and more at a fraction of the cost of hiring full time employees.

Virtual QSA PCI Compliance Program Service Package

Our standard vQSA annual service package includes:

  • Access to QSAs and security engineers for consultation.
  • Periodic communications on PCI DSS compliance concerns and changes.
  • Assistance with PCI compliance initiatives.
  • Cardholder Data Environment (CDE) review.
  • Policies and procedures review.
  • PCI-focused risk assessment including a risk assessment report.
  • Annual incident response plan test facilitation.
  • Quarterly vulnerability scan results review.
  • Quarterly health checks to review remediation roadmap and discuss possible changes in the CDE and PCI DSS requirements.
  • PCI training program review.

Additional Services Related to PCI Compliance

As a full-service security and compliance firm, Sword & Shield offers a host of PCI compliance solutions. Clients may opt for additional services including:

  • Annual Report on Compliance (ROC).
  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) assistance.
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment/Penetration Test (NVA/PT).
  • Annual security and compliance training.
  • Policies and procedures development.

The vQSA PCI compliance program alleviates stress and chaos by proactively working toward an “always compliant” state. By providing ongoing oversight, this program simplifies the process around ROC or SAQ completion, alerts you to outdated documentation well before your annual review, and allows you to regularly ask questions and seek expert advice.

Outsourced QSA Pricing

Sword & Shield offers annual subscription-based tiered pricing for vQSA to insure we can assist organizations of all shapes and sizes. This makes PCI compliance services and security consulting costs predictable and easier to budget.

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vQSA PCI Compliance

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