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The unemployment rate in IT security tends to be close to zero percent. When someone leaves a security job, it’s to take a better-paying job. Our Virtual Security & Compliance Consultant solves your IT staffing problems and saves you money.

Our Virtual Security & Compliance Consultant service will provide your organization with a high level IT security and compliance consultant who serves as your organization’s trusted adviser. The vSCC combines the flexibility of an outside consultant with a dedicated, named individual who will come to know your staff, your network, and your policies.

The Virtual Security & Compliance Consultant Process

Review Your Goals and Posture

The vSCC will interview key individuals in your management and technical team to prioritize your immediate and long term goals for security and compliance. He will review previous reports if available – such as a security audit, HIPAA Gap Analysis, or PCI Report on Compliance – or initiate new reports and audits to determine your organization’s current posture.

Plan Your Remediation

The vSCC will develop and deliver a personalized Roadmap to Security and Compliance. The Roadmap will define actionable items and activities and outline high level project plans for the key network security initiatives you wish to address.

Implement Your Remediation

Your vSCC will help you take action to address gaps in your security.

  • Train your team to better manage security.
  • Implement new policies and procedures.
  • Scan and test to assess both threats and remediation efforts.
  • Remediate security problems with products and product integration where needed.
  • Research product solutions and product quotes.

Comprehensive Product Solutions

When your path to security and compliance involves products, the vSCC will provide a product solutions spectrum as part of the Roadmap. We can then integrate the product into your IT infrastructure. Sword & Shield offers a wide variety of popular network security products, but we are vendor agnostic. If you prefer another product solution we can generally obtain a quote for you.

Full Suite of Services

As part of your subscription you get the benefit of all of our expertise, all of our services, all of our certifications, and all of our tools. Your vSCC will deliver some of these services personally as part of your Roadmap to Security and Compliance. For others, he will be your point of contact and advocate within Sword & Shield.

Security Testing

Configuration & Hardening • VPN Audit
Data Breach Threat Analysis • Firewall Audit
Security Architecture • Penetration Testing
Phone Sweep • Mobile App Assessment
Social Engineering • Virtual Infrastructure
Website Security • Wireless Security
Database Security

Risk & Compliance

Information Security Policy • FRCP
Risk Assessment • Shared Assessments
PCI Compliance • SCADA Security

Forensics & eDiscovery

Forensic Investigations
Incident Response • Electronic Discovery
Sensitive Data Discovery
Rapid Response Shield™

Fixed Monthly Cost, Flexible Usage

The vSCC is billed as a recurring monthly subscription.

Fixed Cost
3/6/12 Month

For billing purposes your hours will be divided evenly across the number of months, even if your usage isn’t.

EXAMPLE: A customer has a 12 month subscription with 20 hours per month. He uses 40 hours in the first month. He uses fewer hours in later months to avoid going over the total. Even though he used 40 hours the first month he is only billed for 20 hours. This predictable monthly cost is one of the things our customers like best about the vSCC service.

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