Virtual Security and Compliance Consultant

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Sword & Shield’s Virtual Security and Compliance Consultant (vSCC) service assists organizations of all industries by quickly and efficiently tackling key cybersecurity, compliance and/or product integration projects without hiring additional full-time staff.

Knock it Out!

Sword & Shield partners with you to provide senior level expertise in order to “knock out” important projects.

Seamlessly serving as a trusted member of your technical team, the vSCC does the following:

  • Assesses security risks to your organization.
  • Evaluates your IT infrastructure and security posture.
  • Demystifies complex technology and adds clarity to projects.
  • Develops and implements solutions appropriate for your organization.

Don’t let important projects take a backseat to your daily demands. Allow Sword & Shield to take the burden off you, and advance your information security and compliance posture.

vSCC Services

The Virtual Security and Compliance Consultant provides your organization with a single point of contact at Sword & Shield with access to specialized resources.

We protect your critical business systems and data by doing the following:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Security Management
  • Technology Assessment
  • Product Advisement and Implementation
  • Security and Network Architecture Hardening
  • Disaster Recovery, Incident Response and Business Continuity Plan Development

Subscription-Based Tiered Pricing

The vSCC provides a depth of knowledge and breadth of experience to give you peace of mind in knowing you are leaning on the expertise of the best, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. In addition, Sword & Shield offers subscription-based tiered pricing* to ensure we can assist organizations of all shapes and sizes. This makes the cost of an information security and compliance consultant predictable and easier to budget.

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